2014 Kansas US House Race: District 2

District 2:  

 Incumbent: Lynn Jenkins (R) - Tea-Party lynn jenkins, ks politics,

Rep. Jenkins will be the Democrats opponent in the 1st Congressional District in Kansas. This District covers most of the Eastern part of Kansas, omitting Kansas City.

Jenkins is a veteran in politics at this point. Though Jenkins claims to have been against the Government Shutdown in 2013, her voting suggests otherwise. Jenkins Rep. Lynn Jenkins is a Tea Party law maker.

Rep. Jenkins in fact did vote to shut down the government. Lynn Jenkins would not support a budget that had ObamaCare in it. The irresponsible acts of Tea Party Conservatives like Jenkins cost our economy at the expense of it’s people. We cannot trust nor allow Rep. Lynn Jenkins to shut down our government again, as it appears Tea Party law makers will try once again.

Congresswomen Jenkins refuses to work across the isle and continues to stand in way of bipartisan solutions, putting families at risk and in harms way.

Challenger: Margie Wakefield (D) – Moderatemargie wakefield, kansas politics

In the deep red state of Kansas it is always an uphill battle for Democrats. Margie Wakefield is up for that challenge, however. Margie Wakefield is a Lawyer in Lawrence, KS where she focuses on Family Law. She appears to be the Democratic favorite to take on U.S. Rep Lynn Jenkins in the 2014 Election.

Wakefield has an impressive background and has worked on both sides of the isle in her past. Margie Wakefield worked for former Presidential Nominee Bob Dole’s Topeka office as a Constituents Services Aide while Dole was a US Senator.

Margie Wakefield believes in working across party lines, unlike incumbent Lynn Jenkins. Wakefield has a track record in supporting women’s rights, supports healthcare reform, and education. Wakefield is in favor of raising the minimum wage to a livable wage.

Learn more here: Margie Wakefield For Kansas Official Page

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Sam Brownback has been in Topeka long enough.

Fellow Kansans, this site is to get information on how we as citizens of the great state of Kansas can take back the power from Sam Brownback and his puppet masters, the Koch Brothers. Organization will be crucial as an election will take place in November of 2014.

Gov Brownback has raised taxes on working families! Destroyed schools and education funding, and is pushing a wreck less right-wing agenda controlled by the Koch bros. While many Kansas residents struggle, Gov Brownback appears to be more concerned with making his rich friends richer, and most importantly to him, getting re-elected with his sights on the White House in the future. Possibly 2016.